Sunday, March 7, 2010


Again, I'm sorry for the cruddy pics!

Claire got to join the buck of her interests, Nipper, who is my ND buck on Oct. 16th. I didn't know if I was going to breed her this year because she tore last year and had a very rough couple weeks after kidding. I thought I was going to loose her. She made the valliant effort to rally and pulled it off.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide what was best for her and if I should breed her. The decision was made and I'm going to have to live with it of course. Breeding decisions are not always easily made. I so hope I made the right one. I also hope she has SMALL kids being Nipper is an ND. The kids will be first generation, experimental mini Alpines. Nipper is also black with frosted ears and muzzle, some frost around the edge of his tail and a couple moon spots. Claire is Sundgau and no white spots other than her normal Sundgau white trim.

This will be Claire's 3rd freshening. She had a single buckling the first kidding, twins (doeling/Cinnamon & buckling/Buckley) last kidding and all of a sudden she is really "popping out" to the sides. She's also slowed down, but not nesting yet.

Claire is a very sweet doe. I like her immensely. She's also VERY personable. Milking MUST start with nuzzling my neck and face and then we can get down to business. As soon as she's done eating, she likes to pull the ponytail band off my hair or bandana off my foreheard and dink around with them up in the air. She also expects her treat before leaving the milk stand. She has a variety of treats she likes and prefers to use her own muzzle to choose one rather than me choosing unless it's fig or apple newtons. Then she would just prefer the whole package right now! She's a fund doe to have around and very cooperative.

Leave a comment letting me know when, what, how many or what ever guesses you'd like to make!

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