Sunday, March 7, 2010


Kendra is very hard to get pics of! So we end up with 2 bad pics! I'm sorry but at least you can see her belly!

Kendra is the herd queen. She came from a larger dairy and acts like she didn't have a lot of individual attention or maybe it's just her status of royalty, being queen! She's not a lovey, hands on doe but she has finally decided she does like having her neck and jaws rubbed and scritched and she now comes to ask for it. She finally decided she could lower herself to eating treats and would rather grab the whole container than have it held for her. I guess she thinks if she grabs and drops the spillage gives her a better method for choosing her favorite and scarfing up more than I intended on doleing out!

Kendra is also bred to Nipper, the ND buck. He's black with frosted ears and muzzle, around his tail and has a couple moon spots. Kendra should be 5 this year and I'm not sure how many kiddings she's had. I know she kidded a large buckling before I got her (in milk) and last year she produced twin doelings (Raquel/chamoise & Danika/cou claire) who are very elegant. Kendra is a bit long bodied, and deep bodied. She carried her twins well last year and looks to be doing the same this year. She was in heat Oct 2nd and joined Nipper October 16th. These will also be first-generation mini Alpines.

Leave a comment with your guesses!

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