Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Spirit

Here is Spirit, who is the new doe I recently got. She's another sweetie! I can't give you details other than this is her 2nd freshening and she had twins the first time. She was an accidental pasture breeding so they didn't have a good date.... just that she's bred (had an US) and should be due in March.

She has started laying down a lot more and not getting up so fast when I walk into the barn. Yesterday she was doing a lot of pawing and had me stopped to watch and look closely at her. I've not seen signs of the plug but had the feeling from what was said that she'd kid maybe next week or the following.

She's softening quite a bit in the ligaments, partially bagged up like she could just fill and kid. I've seen discharge but have noticed the change to being due soon.

She's a very deep bodied doe so carrying this load pretty evenly spread out. She's DEEP and WIDE and would be elgible for a large load bumper sticker! She's not moving other than a walk these days.

Leave a comment for Spirit also as to when you think she'll kid, how many and what.

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