Friday, January 28, 2011

Foto Friday

This is Clifford. He moved to his new home last Fall. Cute is an understatement when describing him! He was very personable and very easy to have around. He was really laid back and reminded me of Clifford the Big Red Dog. The only bad part of the name is he will lose the red look as he's a roan and will lighten up tremendously. Clifford is 88% Boer/12% Alpine. Don't you LOVE those long ears that give the "Eeyore look"?

Yes, I still miss him. I miss several of them. I also have lots more coming starting in about 6 weeks.


  1. Shar, he's sure cute! We have 2 baby goats right now, born last Tuesday. The rest are due March 1.

  2. Thank you! Another month and you'll be up to your eyebrows in cuteness!