Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photo Day

Here are pics of the 4 Alpine does. I've got a few things to learn about this camera to get better pics.

This is Spirit and her daughter, Becca. They are hopefully both bred and they are looking heavier and more round in the belly. Spirit will have her 3rd kidding and Becca will have her 1st.

This is Kendra, who should have her 4th kidding. She's a very pretty doe and I love her color and pattern.

Here is Claire who isn't cooperating with my photo moment. She'd rather tell young Becca that she's not sharing her hay. Obviously it was Claire's turn to be standing under the hay I was tossing in. Being this wide now, can you imagine what she's going to look like when she's due? She has 2 months to go and it will be her 3rd kidding.

This is a better pic of Claire. She really is a pretty doe. She's also VERY personable. She also has the right to tell Becca to go browse with Spirit, her dam.

Another day I'll post pics of the ND does and the bucks.

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