Sunday, January 30, 2011

Those Darned Hens....

...just didn't want to be where I want them AGAIN. Tonight all but 1 are back into the outside pen AGAIN. Now I need to round them all up all over AGAIN. They aren't making this easy. I do believe they are just begging to get a wing clipped so they can't fly up on the top of the chain link panels to find their way back into the pen. The urge to lay in their customary place is stronger than the opportunity to nest in any number of places they could choose inside.

What would induce them to stay inside? Rooster pin up pics on the walls? Move a couple roos back inside for a couple days with them? (Might be what is needed!) Some roo porn in the nest boxes so they have some reading material while laying an egg?

Maybe I just need to decide how important it is that the black sex links, mixed breed pullets and Americaunas go inside for a henacation and purification. They are the laying flock for table eggs and not the purebreds I want to hatch eggs from. I was hoping that I could split them up amongst the purebred roos to give the boys more girls to watch over and "adore" so their backs don't get "over used" and feathers lost.

I guess I'm lucky that the Cochin, Favorelle and Brahma hens are happy to oblige and stay where I want them being they are my focus for hatching eggs.

Why is it there are always some who just don't see it my way though? Is a bit of cooperation out there too much to hope for?

Seems so I guess!

That, or.... those crazy hens REALLY enjoy have all those young, hormone-crazy roos squabbling over them while they strut around and act cool, egging them on!


  1. Sounds like you've got a Roo that has put the fear of God in them with some hefty threats of bodily harm if they don't comply. LOL