Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Modem Again!

This was the modem. This time I'll save the rascally packaging and all! It has a year's warranty. Unfortunately, I threw the other out and it was probably still under warranty!

I'm down $82+ but back on line, which sure makes me happier. I have a computer addiction! I'm not afraid to admit it. Yes, it has some who think it's a terrible thing, but I don't drink, I don't spend much time running the streets and doing things that cost, I'm here in the living room and available for family time, etc. I don't spend much money at all on line and don't have a need for the bad habits and/or bad behavior. I do learn alot and I read a lot. It's not all bad.

The black area on the end of this is where the phone cable is plugged in on the outside of the computer. I so wanted to try to fix this myself and yet was afraid I'd cause extra expense from trying to do it. I sure wish growing up, that I'd been encouraged to "tinker" with things and not be so afraid of trying to fix things. Now I have the "fear of trying" and it's coupled with the dread of mistakes being so expensive to correct, that I don't try and want to so badly....

Anyway, being I'd taken time to go through the usual steps of running spybot and AVG an extra time, cleaned my disc/files, run the defrag, etc and spent a few hours on phone with the US AOL tech (so nice to be able to understand the per and communicate well) that the puter repair place fixed it while I was doing some errands. So I didn't have to leave it and didn't have to make another long trip to pick it back up. We've had sleet and snow so the roads are bad again making me more thankful.

I did save the cost of having a computer check up done because I'd done all the work even though it's all scheduled and done weekly or more often (except that phone time with the tech of course). I really hate the short life expectancy of computers and the expectations of the companies and all that they are disposable and should be replaced every couple of years. I love the technology, but think a lot of it is frivilous and a money waste.

$82.... I could have done something better with that money I'm sure!

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