Monday, January 17, 2011

What Is It's Purpose?

I found this neat tiered basket at Good Will. I got it for $1.98! It's heavy and stable. I love the chicken wire design.

What is it's purpose though? Is it a fruit basket?

It might get used for all the gadget pieces to a couple of kitchen slicers and such. Or maybe it might be handy for all the lids and such for my milk jars.
I'm not sure what it will end up doing!

Maybe it will become a kitty bunk bed. I think she settled on the bottom bunk.

What would you do with it? Do you know it's original intent?

Hurry before Bobbi won't give it back!

1 comment:

  1. Shar, it's used for eggs, fruits and/or veggies. But it also helps if you put towels inside for setting a couple deep-dish pies to stack, as well. And then you find the gardeners filling it with coconut mats - or - moss for planting mini-gardens and/or houseplants.

    If you have really great kitchen window light near a counter... I'd be temmpted to shoot for planting herbs!