Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where's the Bread?

I just bought a few cook books at Good Will and ended up with a surprise. They are 4/$1 so I shouldn't complain, right? I was disappointed though as one of the tw0 I was most interested in was a bummer even though it was a compilation of TNT recipes.

It's the one with the beautiful pie on it!

I didn't notice it when flipping through it, and yet, would probably still have bought it at that price. Upon sitting down at home to enjoy it, I find no index. THAT is odd. Then the first section was all types of recipes mixed together without a "leader" page. But! Then when looking after the appetizer section, for the bread section, low and behold, NO BREAD RECIPES! Someone had torn the whole section out! Other pages had been torn out too, but what a bummer to have a whole section removed.

Now I know why the plastic "binder" was a tad large for the book! What a bummer though because I so was looking forward to the quick breads and that whole bread chapter!

On the bright side, there are still a LOT of TNT recipes in it and, like I said, I'd have still bought it. Twenty-five cents is pretty cheap for "half" a cook book! Oh, "TNT" stands for "Tried N True" or "Tried N Trusted".

Now, I am left wondering what else was missing on all the other absent pages! Maybe some day I'll see another copy of it..... After all, I do have a thing for cook books!

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