Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been extremely active in horse activities for YEARS and grew up as one of those horse crazy girls. My parents use to say I could smell a horse on the tv as I inately showed up every time a horse appeared on the tv, over and over and over. I grew up KNOWING that I would own horses as an adult and that was it. It was like knowing I'd grow up breathing. They are truly something "in my blood". It's more than an addiction, it's a matter of being and who I am deep down.

All animals are important to me, but horses have always been at the top of the list. I grew up when model horses just came into being and I had a huge "stable full". It was the only thing I ever wanted for Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Library books in the school and city had my name in them over and over and over. Sometimes consecutively. I've ALWAYS been hooked and it's my number 1 earliest memory. I remember the guy who was coming down our street leading a pony and getting paid to let us sit on the pony and get a pic taken in the old black and white photos. I was THERE! That little girl on the pony was ME.

I'm not as active now as the horse industry took a horrible blow at the beginning of the economic crisis we are all experiencing. Also, the influx of rescue horses from Canada due to the PMU program has hurt, as have the removal of horses from the Western states, and the "excess" of horses from the racing industry. They all need homes. I quit breeding at the beginning of the crisis, at the exact right time so I didn't find myself with numerous horses I couldn't sell, afford and "give away". It's still bad... REALLY bad.

I have given up years and years ago on "getting over" my horse "thing". I can no more give up horses than I can to give up breathing, eating, etc. I can no more give up critters than I can breathing, eating, etc.

Things have changed though so I no longer own the ones I did and I no longer breed so couldn't afford to keep them. That being, I thought it time I introduced you to the last few that were and are part of my life.

First up (because that's the blogger added the pics to this page) is Derby. Derby was the last stud here and was just a gem. I did an excellent job with him as to breeding him, bringing him into the world, and handling him. He never learned to be a brat, be rude, etc. He knew he was all male, but he also grew up with me being the purveyor of everything he needed in life - food, companionship, boss of the herd. He rarely ever questioned anything as he was secure in his world and knew the rules and routine. As he matured, he learned there was a beam in his stall that he could be tied too so he could rethink how to walk like a 30 year old mare with no where to go. He just plain behaved, kept his mouth and feet to himself and did as he was told and expected to do. Derby was also breath-takingly, drop-dead gorgeous and athletic - poetry in motion. Visitors, farriers, etc never knew he was a stud and he never "told them".

He's was looker, wasn't he?

The bad news is I lost him and his pg dam (Dunit) in a thunder storm at the time hubby had his stroke.

Above is my "heart horse", Summer. Someday I'll write a post telling you about her. She's still here and I adore this mare. We have a relationship that is so often sought after and I cherish.

Below in the front yard and left to right, are Grace, Summer, Dunit and Derby on the far side "hiding" behind his momma. I lost Dunit and her unborn foal in the storm too. She was sooooo much like Summer and just a peach.

Yes, it's sad to loose them in a storm. It is something that can't be relayed and you don't want to experience. That being, I was very blessed to own them and to have been the one to breed them and foal them out! I got to enjoy the extreme blessing in raising them up and showing Dunit and Summer. I had sold Grace as a newborn but later had the opportunity to buy her back.

I have Grace out on a life-time lease due to our job loses and health issues. Dunit and Derby are buried out in the pasture with a few others I lost, including Dunit an Summer's dam, Grace's filly, etc. Grace has a wonderful home and if anything happens she's always welcome back here without reservation.

Summer is still here and I hope to have her for the rest of her life. She's a beautiful mare and I'm still in awe that I bred her and have her. There have been many others, including her dam, Izzy, now deceased, and a few who have touched my heart the most. Summer is at the top of that short list, along with Izzy, Dunit and Grace.

I hope you enjoy meeting them. You'd love to meet Summer in person. She's sweet and just a pleasure to have around. She's given me everything she can and asks little in turn. We talk and we really do understand each other in spite of the differences in language. It works because body language is EVERYTHING to a horse and we got it! Lift a hand, move an ear or nose, we get it and we get each other!

Ok, she's a "piggy" and loves to be given treats and fed. Who wouldn't???

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