Friday, January 14, 2011

What's New Pussycat?

Bobbi has grown up. She's in heat. I'm so glad she's not a high-pitched screamer! She has a very soft voice for a cat. The poor girl is driving herself nuts and the other cats just stare at her like she's totally insane.

I found ways to help deal with the "challenge" of a cat in heat! An EHow article says I can calm a cat in heat and needed are: cat toys, extra time spent grooming and giving attention and money for vet services! Number 3 is definitely a MUST! In the meantime, I've found that I only need to try to do something and I can distract her. So I try to take a couple of photos for later posts, and, waalaa, she's got to help me!

For some reason, I thought a cat was in rolling, cat-wallering heat for 3 days. But, we're on day 5 and I was beginning to wonder. Off on a google surf to refresh my memory of kitty's in heat. One article said they can be in the breeding stage for 1-14 days! Plus they come in heat every 2-3 weeks.
As much as I love kittens, past history is that homes can't always be found as there are sooooo many cats needing homes and we now have 5 house cats with outdoor benefits and Barney, who is the barn cat who was dropped off here and adopted us. It's time for Bobbi to have her girly giblets dealt with.

In the meantime, I can't believe my luck in having come home from Good Will with a molded plastic cat carrier ($4.98!!) - just in the nick of time. Bobbi's food is now in it and she gets to use it when I'm doing dog's in and out and bringing in fire wood. She says she's NOT impressed that I would have the AUDACITY to crate her just to get the dogs in or out! After all, it's her job to usher them out the door and after seeing they are outside she immediately climbs the door clambering to be back in. She's not impressed with all that snow!

I also read that "upon reaching reproductive age" that a kitty is a queen. Hubby's little princess has become royalty, a queen! Of course she already knew that!
Now, to bite the bullet and pay the vet..... It's TIME!!!

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