Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing With My Food

Momma said not to play with my food when I was a kid growing up! Back then I listened and did as I was told. But now that I'm too old to heed that dire rule, I find it's fun! So now I sometimes play with my food while examining it and revelling in the miracle of it all.

So, I play. I can line them up from the pink to the darkest brown if I want. Or I can line them up from the darkest brown to the pink.

It amazes me that they are shaped so differently too. After all the hens are the same size and yet the eggs are all different. The dark brown one is much more round than the others. The next egg from the bottom is much more narrow and yet just as long. It never ceases to amaze me at what nature has to offer me for my food. Do you ever really study your eggs and wonder?

OOPPSIE! I found a nest with 4 green eggs. Now there is a connundrum! The Americauna girls are not in the barn, but rather in the outside pen and not escaping. So why are there 4 green eggs where I've been walking and putting hay in a stall, etc. It really should be a nest from last year but I really can't believe that I didn't step on them. I sure had no trouble seeing them today! One is cracked from freezing and all 4 are quite dirty. Hummmm....

So, I play in my food. I think I'll blame it on my hens.... because I can!

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  1. I always marvel at the variations of the eggs I get out of my flock. As far as the Americaunas, I've found mine, while they do live as part of the barn flock, will hold their eggs if I'm letting them free range daily (especially during the summer) and find a spot in the hay, usually up high, to privately conceal their eggs. Once I catch on I know where to look, but it can go on for days before that happens. Last summer they were even scaling the square bales and jumping over a high dividing wall into our closed barn stall full of bales to lay their eggs there. Stinkers!