Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adios Girls!

Today I said goodbye to 6 of my goatie girls. I had advertised 5 of them on Craigslist along with a young buck. I wasn't even off the CL site and had a response. We made a trade that I'm VERY happy with and 6 does went along to a new home instead of just the 5. My head said sell another as I had a buyer ready to make a deal and my heart said I like Lily soooo much.... but I also knew she'd be on the list to go come spring if she didn't go now. I like her so much and yet her teats are something I don't want to breed (multiple spurs) so that was a LARGE issue for me.

Feed prices have jumped and winter is nipping at my heels so it was time to do the inevitable. I'm also in a spot with needing my numbers down for care as hubby's foot has worsened significantly and the specialist said he's "a heart beat away from another amputation". So I need to be able to care for him with less work to do.

Even with the 6 now gone to a new home for breeding purposes, I still have 16 goats! I have a young buck (Buckley) to sell yet and then will have 2 bucks (Nipper & Winchester22) and 14 does. My goal was to get down to 12-15 goats by winter. I may reach the 15 yet! I'll have a very hard time getting down to the 12 if I even could as I traded 2 young Boer bucks for 2 full sisters (Macey & Mo'Nique) to one of the goats (Daisy) who is one of our 3 top favorites. I'm also keeping the 2 2009 does out of Daisy (Latte & Coffee Bean).

(Sandy, who just left, is on the left with Winchester22 trotting towards her. Daisy on the right with Latte and Coffee Bean playing on the wood.)

I now am down to 2 does (Claire & Kendra) to milk! Come spring I'll be up to 5! So getting a calf will be a good deal as I'll have ample milk to feed it and pasture for it to graze. We've raised a lot of calves over the years like that and they are the nicest meat - very lean and tender. It's also an economical way to have our own meat that is raised in a humane and natural manner without all the chemicals and hormones used in commercial meat. My animals have a very good life while they are with us.

So, adios to my 6 girls who have gone to another goat farm to be breeding stock and still live a good life with lots of turn out and good care! I love placing animals in a good home that they will be happy in.

Come spring kidding season will bring more kids ..... and I'm glad I have a "quality product" that others appreciate and want. It makes it worth it!

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