Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It's been a pretty day out and got up in the mid 60's which is AWESOME for November here in the "North Country" (mid-west US). We'll be lucky to have another this year.

I had been lucky to get 4 turkeys @ 40 cents a pound and today I'm done with partial thawing and cutting up the last. The first went right into the freezer with a bit of wrestling the rascal! I need to rethink putting turkeys and chicken in the baskets and try for my cheese and such instead I guess. It's a new freezer and I've loaded it in the same order as my previous one that had shelves and no baskets. I'm not impressed with the baskets at this point. Maybe if I rearrange (and it's packed now) it and use them differently it would be a better "fit" for my style. Anyway, this last one will be about 10 meals for the 2 of us! The carcass is now in the soup pot and I have chunks of meat in the electric skillet along with the 2 wings.

As usual, I'm collecting the fat off the top of the soup pot and have a couple bird feeders started for winter. I'll post about them later and took a couple pics to share with that project. We'll have baked potatoes with the turkey and corn on the cob I've pulled out of the freezer.

I'm so "tickled" to have run across this sale accidentally and was able to have 4 turkeys! We enjoy turkey year around. I don't roast them though so that the Thanksgiving turkey that is roasted is still a special treat. I do love to have cutlets and dip them in egg wash and bread crumbs and I also love a good turkey melt sandwich. We had turkey hash last night and turkey soup the night before so tomorrow needs to be not a turkey meal.

My next stock up (how I'll do that with a full freezer will be a good one) is the pork butts on sale this coming week for 99 cents a pound. If I keep this up I'll be pulling the frozen milk out sooner than expected!

Anyway, here are a couple pics I thought you might enjoy.

Here's a new load of mangel beets for livestock. These things are HUGE. Once an animal gets the hang of them they LOVE them. Pigs are hilarious when thrown a couple. They need a bit of cutting for goats, cattle and horses.

This is from our annual trip north to get apples and our winter supply of potatoes, onions, squash, etc. I hope you can click on it for a larger view if you'd like.

It's time to milk my goats and then finish supper. I hope you have a good evening and your upcoming week is enjoyable. Stay healthy!

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