Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Things

Today isn't a good day to be posting much if anything as I have so much to get done. I'm in the middle of canning applesauce, it's hubby's birthday and winter is coming so the outdoors work is heavy on my mind. I still have a couple big projects to finish and need to GET THEM DONE! ButI have this driving urge to write something.....

So here's a tip for cooking corn that I found on a recipe group (thanks to Russie).... I have some frozen corn so I'm going to pull some out for supper and give this a try! What we had last week was a tad dry so maybe it can help!


Just add a pinch of sugar and a splash of milk to the corn's cooking water.
The lactose in milk helps tenderize the kernels,
while sugar enhances the corn's natural sugars.
Save the salt for the table, as it will toughen the kernels.

I'm also going to be making fried chicken. I don't do a lot of frying due to cholesterol levels for both of us but it's a special day and it's one of his all-time favorite meals. I also have a tahini butternut squash with a bad spot forming so will roast part of it (the rest can go in the fridge for the weekend) so I don't lose it. The hens will enjoy the spot I have to cut out so it's not going to waste. ;) Smashed potatoes would be good..... and gravy.....I guess the nuts need to be jarred so I can use the cast iron fry pan today!
We're having a sunny day and it's up to 52 degrees and I'm not going to get much done outside due to canning and a big dinner. I'll do chores and milk of course as that's a must. I'm still trying to get a couple decent pics of the new goaties to share. They sure are cute and SWEET SWEET girls who LOVE attention. That's life, isn't it!?!
Have a good day and thanks for stopping in to read my meanderings!

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