Monday, November 9, 2009

Makeup Names

I'm here on the computer and listening to "Better TV". There was just a segment about makeup on; and I find the product names and labels offensive. There is a facial makeup the presenter was promoting called SPACKLE! It's, as she said, a "primer". I sure won't be buying it as I'm NOT a wall to be primed and spackled.

I also feel that if a man had tried to use these names/labels for makeup (foundation) 10 or 20 years ago there would have been a MAJOR upheaval (like I'm doing??) over it and it would have been considered degrading and extremely chauvenistic.

Do you find these labels offensive?
Would you buy products with labels like these?

I'm sure glad we have other choices as my choice to buy makeup that lets me be in touch with my "girly" side and has a more feminine flair to the name. I'm far from a girly girl too! I'm a farm girl and I know how to get dirty, wear a little stink, and most likely turn a few noses. But, makeup is my feeling feminine time!

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