Monday, November 9, 2009

Use Those Onion Skins!

Recently I learned a frugal and vintage method to make broth using the onion skins along with vegetable peelings and such. I knew about the vegetable peelings and bits but didn't the onion peels!

I've since started it and it's a NICE brown vegetable broth, even from just the onion and garlic skins and ends. I wish I'd thought of it YEARS ago as we love garlic and onions and here I've been throwing out "gold"! Here I've been buying onion soup mix in quantities and had my own product that is just minus the salt! I won't even bother with adding up my waste of money as I can't! How would I when I can't tally the wasted onion bits/pieces.....!

Now I have a flavorful broth when I need to add some liquid to a soup or casserole at the last minute and I'm not watering it down flavor wise. It's great for soups, stews, etc. I LOVED the stew I made with some last week. The potatoes really are better with the added flavor! This will make great gravy also! Plus you have a broth with NO SALT so you can "fix" a too salty dish too!

Just be aware that the broth is the color of tea so it will darken your pot of yummys if you have a pale item cooking such as a potato soup, chicken broth, etc. It won't hurt it but the appearance will change a bit.

Enjoy and save yourself some money you can better use elsewhere!

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