Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Thank You

It's been a very hectic couple of days! I have a couple paragraphs of differing topics so if one doesn't appeal to you please scroll a bit and hopefully the next will!

I am THANKFUL for having 3 followers of my blog. What a bright spot in my day to find I had my first and in a short time I have 3 wonderful folks who feel my writing is worthy of them checking in on my blog! ROSES and SUNNY DAYS to you 3 wonderful people and any more who come along and want to follow too! THANK YOU!

DIABETES - Yes, there is a time to be thankful!
I guess diabetic foot ulcers and neuropathy will be one of my "causes" to give people a heads up since dealing with hubby and his major health crisis over the last couple years. We're on our third ordeal with ulcers with the 2nd getting a myraid of nasties and MRSA/staphs resulting in a fast gangrene and amputation of the large toe and supporting joins and bone structure with opening for drainiage of the whole under part of the foot to the heel. We are now back to another ulcer and with NO feeling in his feet, he severely broke his foot and we didn't know it. Due to bad circulation the swelling wasn't attributed to a break but rather the blueness of his feet and he can't take water pills and make an hour drive to the docs. (He opened the car door while tooling down the road one day, scaring the beegeebies out of me.) Anyway, the specialist had an emergency and they couldn't see us and couldn't get ahold of us so we showed up. Due to my asking about the previous weeks culture and if he needed back on the antibiotics before going another week, they shipped us to another specialist and it took all day to do the med visits and get prescriptions! The result being, yes he needed back on antibiotics right away BUT the culture was much better than 3 weeks ago!!!! PHEW!!!! I'm thankful I learned that one NEVER EVER takes too many "deep breaths" until the ulcer is so scabbed over there can't be any penetration of nasty microbes!!!! We'll be several months to that point but I'm thankful for an improvment along with the minor set back. Yesterday a podiatrist was listening to me about not using a minor type adhesive bandage the bottom of a foot of a diabetic as the bandage rolls and causes a new friction blister in the middle of an existing ulcer resulting in loss of several weeks of healing! PHEW, thankful for a doctor taking a minute to LISTEN to us!

We're getting a bit of sunshine on and off today. I so love a sunny day and I live in the "land of snow and ice" for a winter so we have VERY FEW sunny days and I'm not wanting to let what we do get go. However, it's not in my control so I REALLY am thankful for what I do get! It's a good motivational aspect in my life!

I'm very thankful that my goats have gotten to the point they can handle the very occassional crash of their beloved schedules! We've also just had DST and they are still LOUD over that when I arrive in the barn. I will hope they are yelling thank you at me as I show up to dole out their vittles and provide their expected (read that demanded) maid service and attention. Yesterday their schedule was a blow to their expectations but they greeted me whole-heartedly today and were thankful to be served their custom mixed feed they so relish. They are a blessing and I'm very thankful for them!

Still on the goat theme, I'm thankful for my 2 new girls! I made a trade of 2 NICE young Boer (traditional) bucks for them. More on them later too!

Another new addition is I also brought home some new hens and hopefully a roo at rock bottom prices for young birds! More about them later but I'm very thankful for this addition.

I'm VERY THANKFUL for an unexpected "windfall"! We stopped at WalMart to get the prescriptions filled on the way home from the med visits and while wondering I crossed paths with another couple who were pointing and talking about the 2 turkeys in their shopping cart. So I asked if they had turkeys on special or something and YES.... They SURE DID! Limit of 2 and only 40 cents a pound!!!! WOW! I have a turkey in the oven for dinner and I'll take it apart and freeze most of it into individual meals for stir fry, turkey melt sandwiches or calzones, turkey and homemade noodles, etc. I love doing this. I love turkey and being able to get 6-8 meals (2 of us) and lunches out of a big turkey. When that turkey was only $8 it's a WINDFALL IMHO! I wish they weren't 34 miles away as I'd go back for a couple more and then do the freezer game of trying to get them all in there with everything else I have frozen!

I'm thankful for many things but that is the highlight for today! I'm thankful you have stopped by to read my blog and would love to have you return!

Have a wonderful day!

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