Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was definitely AWOL and not able to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Hubby ended up with the doctor sending him from his office directly to the hospital. He is finally feeling better today but he's still very ill with an infection in his blood and whole system, the diabetic ulcer which has worsened and the broken foot which has worsened. The new bone from the break has pushed the toe and foot bones up and the bone at the previous amputation over and down, so it resulted in the ulcer. He'll need surgery but he's too sick to do it so will come home soon with a pic-line. It's an IV port threaded from his upper, inside arm into the aorta in the chest for IV's that are being delivered into the chest and throughout. He's also on blood thinners.... and "one sick puppy". He did decide today that he's either a basset hound or blood hound as they are slow moving and look sad. I suggested he go with the bloodhound as his legs aren't short enough for a basset (nor as short as the Corgi's here ;). He saw the humor and wasn't crabby so he's definitely feeling a little better.

Looking for the good in all of this (to remain sane of course;), I decided I'm very glad I'm not a diatician as I'd hate to have been that gal who came in to tell him NO he couldn't have a salt shaker and no he can't have pizza and no he can't have anything else he wants to eat ..... I sure wish his menu didn't have all the diets on it and only his own so he didn't see what was available for the patients on a general, eat as you want diet! He's on a diabetic and heart diet so 1800 calories and no salt. Yuppers, glad I'm not responsible for being his diatician!

I'm also thankful his nursing care has consistently been above expectations! What wonderful nurses they have ALL been! Of course he's still wanting cute, young gals! So even at just-turned-58 he's got the good foot out of the grave! ;) (Go ahead and laugh. One needs to see the humor in things or break down from the stress of it!)

I've sure been perusing a LOT of magazines! WOW, some of them are quite interesting as to current trends for those who are well off or those who are well into debt to live a well-off lifestyle. I do love some of the wall colors that are now popular. I also enjoy the recipes a lot and the crafts and such! There's the song with the phrase "little bit country" and I am POSITIVE I'm a little bit more than all country! I love the old farm houses and country decorations. I also saw a wall hanging today that I LOVE! It's a huge barn with trees and such around it and some metal horses..... and it's a whole lot country.... just my style! The price has been lowered to $125 which I about choked on and they came down and offered it to me for $60. I just can't decide. I know I shouldn't spend that, but I soooooo want to. Boy do I want too! I LOVE it! It's ME! They'll be open on Wednesday again...... should I? Do I? I wonder if I offered a bit lower....??????? The metal horses are the expensive "Home Interiors" and I have 1 of them. They are expensive new and out of stock now I'm sure. I wonder if I sold one or both if I'd get anything off them on eBay? I sure do love that barn...... and don't need the horses so I'd end up with a great deal, wouldn't I? What do you think, readers? (No, I didn't go shopping over the weekend. I only stopped and picked up bandaging material for hubby's foot as I need 2 rolls of the wide (4") sterile gauze per day.) Help me decide.... this is a one of a kind ceramic type wall hanging and quite good sized. Should I?

It's hard to believe December is trying to get in the door. I don't have my list of pre-winter chores done as I've been at the hospital other than doing chores. That stock tank is now ready to be moved and I need some time to move it and fill it asap. ;) I have hay coming in the morning so I'll work on that while I wait for the hay guy. Even if I don't fill it full it will be a good start. The electric cord is there and ready for the heater to be put in the tank and plugged in. I need to put the 2 stakes in marking where the cord is at for the winter so it doesn't get caught in a snow plow, etc. That won't take long but I want to get the heater plugged in first so if I have to move the cord some I can do it. It just fits to the heater cord and tank. Then after the tank if full, I need to pull the hoses and drain them. I use them all winter and drain them when done being used. I rarely have a problem other than it's a pain to drain them as I generally can soak 2 pairs of gloves easily. So much to do and so little time.....

I'll be back soon and hopefully have something more interesting. I do hope that my posts about hubby's diabetic issues will educate people so they take diabetes more seriously and don't have to go through the stress and pain. It's a huge emotional pain for the family and a physical pain and all to go through for the diabetic. If you're not diabetic and have family or close friends who are, I hope you can help them understand how bad it can be and give them some support in their efforts to live with it and make the necessary diet changes. I'm taking much better care of myself now in the last year and a half as I have it in my family also and I don't want it! I need to loose more weight too! It's a devastating and horrible disease at best.

I do hope you all have a great week coming up.

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