Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Easy Oatmeal Soap

Do you ever wonder what you could do with your bits of soap (soap scraps) from used bars and hate throwing them out? Here's just the ticket!

For each half cup of soap scraps add one cup of water into a pan on the stove and set the heat to medium. While this is melting, line an old dish with wax paper and grease the paper so help prevent the soap from adhering to it during the drying process. Stir the soap occassionally while keeping an eye on it and when it's fully melted, stir in enough fine oatmeal to form a stiff "batter". When the soap becomes quite stiff pour the mixture into your dish/mold. Before it gets completely hard and dry, cut it into bars the size you prefer. Then you have an excellent soap for keeping your hands soft and is good for your skin.

A few drops of essential oil or even vanilla may be added with the oatmeal if desired. Be aware that essential oils are strong smelling in a soap mixture and the aroma can become over powering in your house so star with only a SMALL amount!

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