Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday on a Country Road

It's been a busy day. Today has been opening day for firearm deer season so it sounds like a war zone out there ALL DAY!!! Last night was the end of bow season and we have a nice neighbor we allow to hunt on our property. He got a really nice buck and brought the liver and heart last night along with his news. Today he brought his trophy and the neck for us to cut and package. We'll have 10 meals out of this and more if we have left overs. We'll also have a nice soup broth from the neck bones too. Tonight was liver and onions which we both love and greatly enjoyed. This same neighbor also comes and helps us with our firewood which is a great blessing considering our health issues. So it's a win-win situation. An added benefit is he keeps others off our property which we hope keeps the livestock safer! Then today my BIL came for gun season and saw a big buck but it got scared off before he got in a good range for BIL to take him.

We did have an interesting few moments with opening day. I happened to look out and our front yard had several deer nervously milling around before deciding which way to run. There were 7 does. When they took off one missed the jump over the fence and got all tangled up in the woven and hot wire and took a spill. Being a fence row with rocks she had a hard time righting herself as she was trying to run and catch up with her herd.

I did end up with the electric fence on the other side of the house demolished so the deer were threw there too. I got that fixed but boy they can sure twist that wire up and all 3 strands also "braided" together. I sometimes wonder if my horse is bummed while standing and watching me fix it so she doesn't have an escape route.

When my BIL got done hunting he had a surprise for me! He found a tire kicking around his place that fit my wheelbarrow! HALLELUJAH!!! I was cringing at the price of a new one and had been looking for a used unsuccessfully. He also had an extra air compressor that can be attached to a car or garden tractor battery! I felt like a kid with 2 birthday or Christmas presents and both are used items! Sometimes the little things mean the most! He also "made my day"! He helped hubby pull a pulley and gear off a motorized "contraption" hubby has made from some used garden tractors for his walnut cleaning.

I've added 3 pics of various places on the country road I live on. The leaves are now gone and yet I just took these pics! Winds and rain do that.

I thought you might enjoy them. They remind me of when hubby and I were late teens and young adults. Back then it was a "thing to do" to go for a Sunday drive and enjoy the views.

We use to do that and take a picnic lunch to eat while we were out and about on our Sunday drive.

Later we continued those drives and looked for property after we were married.

We often see deer in several places and yet the road is probably only 3 miles long.

Our place is on the dirt end of the road. Being there is a county line/change in the middle it's paved South of us in the next county.

Another time I'll post a few more country road pics.

It's an attractive road if you want to call a road attractive! I guess being a country girl I just enjoy the country look!

My Nigerian Dwarf buck is in 7th heaven again. Several of the junior does are in roaring heat and all clamboring for his attentions. He's all kissy faced and blubbering his goatie talk to them while trying to coax them through the small holes in the partition between pens in the barn. I'm ruining his full enjoyment of the situation for another 6 weeks or so as I want them to have a little more size and maturity before they are bred. It wasn't such a peaceful chore time tonight with all the commotion the girls are causing while trying to be in the best spot to win Nipper's attention and his noise-making trying to lure them to the other pen! Usually milking time is quiet and a great time for contemplation, pondering things, making plans, and hoping I can get all the outdoor work done before the snow and ice hit full time for the winter. That can be any time!

While in the barn I found a surprise today too! I have 2 hens who needed time away from their flock to recover from being picked on and mated too much. They are in with the adult goats. Low and behold they have started laying again! I found 4 green eggs behind the chair in the stall where they have a peaceful spot and can get away from the goats. It's a broken chair that I took out to use to sit in while bottle feeding kids and I'm keeping it out there! One of my new hens I just got has started to lay also so I found a nice large brown egg in her box too! I wasn't expecting any eggs til spring and today I found 5! Maybe Easter is closer than I expected?

Then I headed to the house to take care of my milk and for supper. What a busy day and with some moments that I greatly enjoyed and appreciated!

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