Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Phew, I found a NICE, used refrigerator with GOOD capacity and for only $135! Capacity is "everything" with milk goats! It will be here Friday and then I can quit living out of ice chests! Thank heavens I have them and all those ice packs that came with hubby's IV's that I couldn't part with!

I'm definitely ready for the calf too! The does are producing well and I'm giving milk to the chickens, cats and dogs because I don't have a refrigerator to keep it cold enough. So I'm working on keeping it all consumed in 24 hours.

While there wandering the used appliances, I happened upon a nice upright freezer for $100. Yes, I did buy it! I have 2 bucks who need to do freezer camp and the sooner the better! The savings of feed will help pay for the 2nd freezer and I'm so use to having 2 that being down to 1 has been horrible. If I was not so into greezing my own meat, some milk, sale items we use and such I might be able to "do" just 1.

Interestingly, the place that I've bought other appliances from and these are coming from use to have a full room of used refrigerators. Now with the economy as it is, they can't keep used in stock! He'd been completely out for a couple weeks! But, finally I can get this situation dealt with in an more affordable manner and just in time for putting my efforts into gardening! Living out of ice chests is a time waster along with a pain in the posterior! It's not efficient, but it's a good lesson in how time consuming daily life had to be for our ancestors who didn't have the luxuries and technology we do. I'm frugal and don't mind some inconveniences but there's a limit. It does make a major difference that I'm not working!

Now, where am I going to put that freezer?

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