Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Candling Eggs

This incubating is FUN! That's all there is too it! I am totally addicted. I've also found something else to do at the end of Winter when I'm needing signs of Spring. Nothing says Spring like crocus', daffodils, and CHICKS! This could easily become a cure for cabin fever in this house!

I just bought a $4.99 Energizer 1 watt led flashlight for candling and could even see in the Maran egg in my incubator. The air cells were interesting due to the eggs having been shipped vs my own eggs where it's centered. This has been pretty fun and I've learned a lot about something so simple as an egg! All for a little flashlight I found NEW at Goodwill! We have a big Goodwill near us that gets a few new things in now and then and the prices are great. This flashlight has been the best find so far.

When you get some time, google "hatching eggs" and "chick development". You'll find tons of interesting info and could easily spend a few days surfing! Just be sure to mark the ones you like best in your favorites. Don't disregard the home schooling sites in this as I've found they have some of the best and more interesting info! I even found hubby doing this when I was away from the computer!

I did wonder if I should try candling the robin eggs on my electric meter! lol I wonder if maybe that would be taking it a tad bit too far but wouldn't it be good for the robin to know if she needs to stay there in the pouring down rain or if she should give up and try again?

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