Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Incubator

This is the box from the new incubator, a Little Giant. It's a cheap model but I decided it would be a good start for my induction into hatching chicks!

I didn't get the egg turner or fan. (pic below) They didn't have them in stock and I didn't really have the $ to invest at that point. I also didn't know if I'd really enjoy doing this or what. So I'm starting out very frugally.

I've had a couple kind people send me eggs in a GREAT deal I couldn't refuse. I hope to get better now that I've done a hatch and buy specific breed eggs and upgrade my incubator.
And, I'm ADDICTED! This has been so much fun. I have the chicks in a brooder in the house. They are 2 weeks old and growing feathers. They are getting use to us but still a bit more flighty than I want them to be. They have that little red hen syndrome of THE-SKY-IS-FALLING when I start to do anything with my hands in the brooder.
Yes, I've started and now how do I stop? This is sooooo NEAT! I've started that 2nd hatch (note above) and it's fun to look on line and see the development stages and tend the turning of the eggs, monitoring the temp and humidity, and the vibes I send the growing chicks when doing so!
Anyone need any chicks?


  1. I have the same incubator with the egg turner, but not the fan. I almost didn't bother with the egg turner, but I was too worried I would forget to turn the eggs.

  2. Thank you both!

    I was told that I didn't have to manually turn each egg if I could prop the incubator from side to side to do the shift of the egg and it worked great last time and so far this time. It's making it quick and easy!