Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Last Hatch

No, I'm sure not done hatching even though that sounds like it! I thought I'd share some photos of my last hatch that I finally got reduced in size so they hopefully load reasonably well. I've added 2 other posts also with the incubator and the eggs incubating which also have pics and go with this posting. I hope breaking it up a bit helps!

This is one of the light Brahma chicks. Disappointingly, only 3 of these hatched out of about 16 eggs. I was so hoping at least 5 or 6 of them would hatch with hopes I'd have a couple cockerels and few pullets. Now I'm really hoping that, as they grow, there are at least 1 cockerel and 2 pullets!

These are a couple of my Cochin chicks from my eggs. The chicks stay in the incubator for a good 24 hours to dry and to finish absorbing the yolk sac which provides their nurishment the first 24+ hours.
The orange is a piece of the "sham wow" type of material. I got this at the dollar store for kitchen use to clean up spills. It picks up and holds water really well so I used it instead of sponges for the lockdown. It worked great and they were able to get across it well. They did eventually stay on it as I think it was more comfortable than the wire of the incubator.

This little Cochin is having a well earned rest and is drying out pretty well. They weren't really fluffy until the next day when they were able to stand better and stretch their little bodies. The red heat lamp warmth seemed to give them a boost when they got into the brooder.
Now they are growing like the proverbial weeds and feathering out on their wings, tails and some on their backs.


  1. I think you're doing absolutely wonderful! To go through all that for the first year and end up with not one single hatching would be a failure. You've already become a success, Hon!! Enjoy!!


    I'm really hooked too!