Saturday, April 24, 2010

Credibility in Advertising

This is an excerpt from an email I received regarding goats that are in a dog shelter needing adoption.

"CATHY, Young F, Goat, Pet ID: 45401
GAYLA, Young F, Goat, Pet ID: 45402
STEPHEN, M, Goat, Pet ID: 45403
Cathy and Gayla are young female goats and Stephen is a mail. They will be all be available for adoption on 4/24. They are all cute as can be, very sociable - sweet and friendly. Cathy is brown, Gayla is white, and Stephanie is on the the left - she's the slightly larger adult goat. "

There are times that even on line and in an email that we need credibility! Why don't we make an attempt to get our vocabulary straight? I don't expect perfection, but we need to be credible!

There are are times I have to shake my head and wonder about people, such as when they use phrases such as "for sell" instead of "for sale" and "I want to sale my...." instead of "I want to sell my....". There are other blatant mistakes too.

These types of mistakes DO make a difference. It does affect our reputation, reflects on our education, and leaves a lasting impression.

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