Saturday, April 17, 2010

Incubating The Last Hatch

No, I'm sure not done hatching even though that sounds like it! I thought I'd share some photos of my last hatch that I finally got reduced in size so they hopefully load reasonably well.

The red plugs go in the vent holes in the lid for the last 3 days which are "lockdown" with humidity raised and no more turning, just a LOT of vibes for them to be strong and healthy in their hatching.

Two thermometers! The above came with the incubator and has fallen apart! so much for a piece of paper stapled to a piece of plastic! Below is a battery-operated thermometer with hygrometer to measure the humidity. I had just added warm water so the humidity is a touch high but stabilized soon after. Yes, the eggs are written on. I hear it's the thing to do! ;)

I imagine some of you also incubate some eggs so will have seen new chicks. I find the whole process and outcome very interesting and know you might also.
The next post is the hatch!

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