Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Too Far From the Farm

"i have chickens that i reared from eggs,they are now producing eggs now,i do not give them any thing other than corn and odd titbits,no anti wormin or anything,my question are the eggs safe to eat.?"

This was on a poultry list. Sometimes I find it a bit incredible and yet it's far far from the first time that I've heard/read this type of question! I find it sad that so many are growing up without the basic experience and knowledge of the food we eat and of life in general.

I've tried all my adult life to provide info to those who would like it regarding "all things farmy". I think we ALL need to do this. Maybe we don't all live on a homestead or farm, but there's a lot of interesting info to be learned to expand our view of life in the other "lanes". If we all took more time to learn more, we'd be more educated in our food we put on our table, be it home-grown, home-raised or purchased from a farmers' market, roadside stand, orchard, or the store.

IF we were to all learn more and the TRUTH about our food and how meat, eggs, milk, etc is raised and processed, we wouldn't have so many misconceptions that PETA/HSUS and the animal extremists want us to think which "feeds" their agenda. Don't forget that a major part of their agenda is actually the income that so many of them lavishly enjoy "off the backs" of others!
I think those of us with livestock, backyard chickens, an interest in agriculture, etc need to "answer the call" to do what we can to help teach others about the things we enjoy and maybe take for granted!

As to the person's question, YES, you sure can eat those eggs and they are WONDERFUL! It's amazing that something so small as a chicken can make an egg from wandering around the yard and scratching, along with a bit of other feed supplemented to them. It's also "what to do with leftovers" as they'll LOVE your "throwaways"!


  1. Your eggs are gorgeous! I know a lady that won't eat "eggs from chickens". She only wants the ones that "come from the store". ;-) This lady is a grandma and old enough to know better.

  2. Thank you! A long time ago I kept giving my next door neighbors eggs and then months later found they were just throwing them out as they didn't like the looks of the fresh yolk! It wasn't the "right" color. They liked store bought eggs! That really irked me as it was such a waste to be GIVING them a couple dozen eggs a week that I could of sold or better given to elderly relatives to help them out!