Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Define Fun!

What constitutes fun for you?

I spent time outside on a nice day (Monday) and got to look at and compare the kids from my 3 American Alpines! Spirit has American Alpine kids and Kendra and Claire the first generation of mini Alpine kids. I took Buttons and Burglar (Kendra's twins) outside with me and they got to romp in the yard, enjoy a beautiful day and visit the other kids. It was great and the kids were all having fun in the sun! Kids are truly olympic calibur gymnasts! Oh can they jump, twist, and fly around doing so many athletic stunts. They can run and do a stiff-legged boing-boing-boing with their shoulder leading and head turned partially back. And, the EARS FLY! They savor every moment of it too! I just wish a digital camera could do justice to trying to get some of the "magic moments" with them airborne and gyrating around! I did get a picture of Chelsie (Boer doeling) landing!

I was excited to see what I would get in the first generation of the mini Alpines and now I'm REALLY excited to see what they become. I really REALLY like all 3 sets of twins from the 3 sr does! I'm glad I have another 5 full-sized does to present more mini kids to examine and try to make breeding plans.

Now, I have a major dilemma! How many bucks is one allowed to keep each year? I really don't NEED 5 bucks but it might take that for a year with the mini Alp breeding and to breed the Boers too! I may just have to grin and bear it and let some go! But I have to make sure I'll have bucks to breed all the necessary does before doing so!

I also have Daisy, the Boer doe, and her kids to enjoy also! The triplets go visiting with the Alpine kids and have fun in the sun and fresh air. Naps in the sun sure seem to be enjoyed too! Chelsie in the photo is one of Daisy's triplets and just adorable!
It sure has been FUN watching these kids and there's more fun and kids to come!

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