Thursday, April 15, 2010

Define Crisis!

It's the refrigerator croaking!!!! This is NOT a good time of year for this! The does gave me 23# of milk this morning and the refrigerator croaks!

What to do.....

I have bottle babies so they get some!
The dogs got eggnog with their kibble.
The cats got milk in the house and in the barn.
The chickens got some with soy meal and fine cracked corn mixed in. Then I found the bucks were eating this! Good! They got a second bowl full!
I put a plastic container of milk in the freezer for my snack later. I'll do the same for breakfast. (I don't eat right away when I get up anyway.)
Ummmm...... I wonder if that will take care of it for the day?

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a refrigerator! I hope they can deliver it Saturday as Monday might be a loooonnnngggg wait with fresh does and the freezer is already full!

Oh, and I better call "the guy" and tell him I'm ready for the calf! I have her pen started. I need to run a bit more electric fence and couple more fence posts and make a shelter with pallets. The grass is coming on good so by the time she's wanting to graze she should have a decent "plot" of grass out there.

Thank heavens it wasn't after the next 3 dairy does freshen!

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