Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hen Cam and Goat Cam

I know there is a lot of talk about how bad the internet is these days and I can agree there are some places that are just not good or "right"! That said, I don't have a problem finding enjoyable, good-clean fun on the net! I have more of a problem finding enough time to do half of what I'd like to do on line! There is a WEALTH of good stuff to find and here's a couple you might like to check out! (Buffy, Marge and Lulu - I don't know if there are only the 3 or what. I've not seen them on the cam yet and they weren't on the perch in the "inside coop" cam) (Pip and Caper are twins!)

I did see a lop eared bunny in the chicken yard. I didn't see what his name is. But I'm sure you'd like something to discover yourself, right?

Have fun and enjoy the cams! Even with dial-up they did very well!

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