Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cordouroy or Corduroy?

It's an easily misspelled word! The material though is known for it's warmth and durability. I grew up with it and suppose most of you must have too! It comes and goes a bit as far as style, but never goes away. I would say that's a good thing! Over the years, I've noticed a lot of changes in the material. It's had wide to narrow wales (the puffed up ridge with the alternating grooves up and down the material), and has become a much more soft and "cooperative" material to work with.

Did you know that it now comes with patterns along with it's wales?

Did you also know that there is a National Corduroy Appreciation Club? They have an annual meeting on 11/11 being the 1111 resemble corduroy. Their mascot is of course, a whale! Sunday Morning had a segment on about them and it was quite interesting. Some parts were a bit commical in ways, but also informative. I had no idea there were corduroy cuff links, etc. I had no idea such a well-known material would gather such a following that it has national recognition. I suspect we will soon find there is a National Corduroy Day! The Club didn't seem to be the type to NOT go to that length or not think of it.

I knew and have seen a lot to do with natural fibers and fiber sheep, goats and llamas, along with fiber (angora) rabbits. I knew there was a segment of the industry that also has to do with silk due to the "farming" methods needed to produce it. But I never expected that I'd see or hear of a group for Corduroy!

If you have time to kill something and find yourself needing to google and surf, look up cordouroy and corduroy. There are a lot of links using both spelling. The only thing I didn't figure out is if the our is from the UK and ur the US spelling which we see in some words such as colour vs color.

I will definitely need to make a detour into a fabric shop when I'm next near one to check out the new style of corduroy. I do like to sew and haven't sewn with it for some time. I'm sure I must have some scraps that I've saved for making doll clothes too. That's a project I hope to get back to working on this winter. It's a good excuse to sit in the living room with the wood stove and watch some tv!

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