Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm In Trouble!

I learned something new! I'm one of those who is very careful about giving out personal details on line. I don't like using a card to buy on the net but realize sometimes we might have too. I'm concerned about my info being stolen, identity theft, etc. I'm not paranoid, but concerned. I don't agree that everything is safe with the httpS. After all, how many times has the fed gov been compromised and hacked into?

A couple weeks ago I got the email WalMart flier and there was a camera I'd really like. Bobbi kitty has knocked my camera off the desk again and it's not working really well. Maybe that time I dropped it and cringed might have been the precurssor..... Well, WalMart has a new version of the Fuji Finepix camera on sale for less than half what I paid for mine new several years ago.

I pondered on it awhile and then got another email flier with more camera info. I had to look! Lo and behold! I couldn't believe what I read for a moment! Not only was the camera I liked still available at the sale price, but it can be bought with free shipping to my home, not just the store!!!

Then I saw the magical info... I could pay thru PAYPAL!!! I don't know when they started that, but I do use my paypal account and so far have had good luck with it. That clinched it. It helped that hubby said if I got a new camera was he going to have one? He'd be happy with the current one until it completely croaks! So I did it! I have a new blue camera coming and will be here between December 6th - 9th. I HAVE to have a camera of course! After all, I have a blog, critters, and a life!

But I'm in trouble now that I know I can buy thru paypal and the WalMart flier and never leave the house! And, that my readers, was my black Friday purchase. Now maybe I will be able to do a better job posting pics!

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