Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stuffing vs Dressing

We all probably know the difference between the two, but just in case I thought I'd mention it anyway as it might help someone else with a way to be correct in their Turkey Day terminology! Stuffing goes in and comes out of the bird and dressing is cooked in a separate dish without being stuffed in a bird.

Modern day cooking says we shouldn't be making or eating stuffing any more due to cross contamination of our food and the possibility of food poisoning. Our family has changed to dressing but for time and ease of cooking. This change was made several years ago.

Either way, I LOVE plain ole dressing/stuffing. My MIL use to make the best that I've ever had. I wish I knew her magic ingredient that made it so tasty! There was always something "there" that I couldn't "define" and she never was precise in what she used. I've had several fancy types of stuffing over the years and they are good, but I like the "vintage" type of old the best.

Do you have stuffing or dressing? Do you like it?

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner! Are you?

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