Sunday, November 21, 2010


I won a drawing! And it wasn't just any ole average drawing either. It was a drawing that is "ME"! One couldn't have designed a drawing better suited for me unless it was for money, an appliance I need, a truck, a high class dairy goat or buck, etc. I'm also one of those folks who "never wins" anything - well hardly ever at all.

I think I posted about the cheese making going on over to Suzanne's Chickens In The Road blog/site ( ). If not I will rememdy that soon! Anyway, Suzanne is blogging in conjunction with New England Cheesemaking Supply Company ( ). They are the "go-to" site for all things cheese making such as supplies, cultures, etc. They have a wonderful website and newsletter too. They are supporting Suzanne's blogging with a give-away for some of her cheese making posts. This was was for Montery Jack Cheese and I WON the drawing! I am so so tickled! I'll be getting several items in the kit that I haven't been able to afford such as the special wax, their cultures, etc. There's a mold included, rennet, etc.

Like I said, this drawing is "me". I will now be able to make some hard cheeses! I'll also get to use some cultures too. I've always used cultured buttermilk and yogurt for my cheese making which works great, but isn't the same as the "official" cheese cultures. I can't wait to try some Gouda and guyere! Oh, and some Swiss and Monterey Jack and.....
I can't hardly believe I won, but it's been confirmed. It's TRUE! This is a drawing of a "life time"! Thank you so much to Suzanne at Chickens In The Road and New England Cheesemaking!!

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  1. Good for you, Girlie!!!! I think that's just wunnerful! Now... I hope you have some good recipes! Have fun! I can't wait to see the finished treasures!