Saturday, November 13, 2010

This That and the Other Stuff

Bummer. We've already had snow a couple days, but then we've had a bit over a week of really nice weather again. It has been nice and I've really enjoyed it and tried to make good use of it. Now it's raining which wasn't to start until "sometime after 9, after dark". It started about 4 while I was outside getting more pre-winter stuff done and chores.

The goats are pretty well set for winter. I have moved Nipper and Bandit (bucks) into the barn. I have 2 large pens in the barn for the goats which use to be my huge, double foaling stalls. I still have the turkeys and chickens in the one but put Bandit in one with Macey and Mo'Nique for company. Nipper is in the other with the ND does, his 2 doelings and the 4 Alpine does. The 2 doelings need me to take them to their new home real soon.

The rubber buckets and tubs for winter watering are almost all in place. I hate having my good buckets bust from the water freezing and expanding. I'm almost done covering the top of the buck pen so the owls and hawks can't get my chickens and so the chickens and the turkeys won't be able to fly out either. Now I need to move more chickens out there as soon as we have another couple days that will be non-raining so they can get around and adjust a few days. I'll move the turkeys out there at the same time. I need another roll of chicken wire to finish the top of the pen and hope to get that this coming week. I think I can get the larger chickens all moved out before the top is finished though.

I have almost all of the destructive mess cleaned up from Buckley, who's major source of enjoyment was trashing anything he could while rubbing his itchy horns and head on it. Some of that was frustration because he wanted out with the does and couldn't get to them. I do hope he'll be happier in his new home as he was to have some does of his own. He's really a nice boy but was frustrated with does in heat and knowing the other 6 boys were all "with" the does in his thinking. All that is left is some broken up pieces of wood to bag and keep dry for starting the wood stove over the winter.

I still need to get the chain link fence that was given to me moved so it's not mangled in snow plowing over the winter. I have finally decided where I'm going to use it. I have a spot behind the barn that is only needing 2 sides fenced to move the turkeys too for next summer and I'm going to use it to do that. Then I'll only need a cover over it to keep predators out. It's also in line with the electric fence so I can have a couple hot wires for coons, possums, coyotes or such to get the message.

I'd like to get half dozen pallets moved out by the barn so if I need any over the winter I'll have some close instead of trying to get them moved so far from where they currently are. Every winter it seems I come up with a couple uses for a few. Then if I don't use them they'll be there for a new compost bin come Spring.

I still need to move the glider and a couple things outside the back door around the corner and cover them with a tarp for winter.

I need to get the electric cord run out to the stock tank for the horse and her heater in the tank. I need to put a couple stakes in to make sure the plow knows where the cord lays so it's not plowed up. I heard that Lowes has some solar driveway lights that work great in a chicken coop and such and are only $18. I'd like to get a couple for out by the barn and buck pen. I'd like one of their led hats too. That would sure be handy! It also has me wondering if there is any type of a solar pack that has an electric outlet attached that could have my stock tank heater plugged in and not use electricity. It would sure be handy to have the tank where I'd rather have it (not under a walnut tree)! I need to fill the tank again soon too.

An the last of the bigger projects left is to move the gate out the front door to it's new spot, move the older fence out, and pull the 2 fence posts. Then if hubby is laid up again this winter (needs more surgery at some point) I can get him in and out of the house a lot easier as I'll be able to park within a few feet of the front door to load and unload him.

We also have some wood that is split and piled out back that needs to come up from the woods yet. That can be worked on soon as the bow hunter who hunts on our property will be done hunting until musket season and he's the one who so kindly has helped up with wood cutting and splitting the last couple of years.

I think I'm about ready. It's a good thing too because I'm sure worn out! Are you about ready for Winter? Do you get a lot of snow? Ice?

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