Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted!

I hope you will too! It's a big election and especially so here for our governor position as well as the national level. The competition for our senator has been a huge one as well and not very nice. Politics seems to have become a very competitive and nasty affair. I find it disheartening that these people who are wanting the political positions side with their party rather than serve from their heart for what is best for all of us instead of half of us. I also find it scary that so many who are new to the country believe all the ads which have so much distorted info. I've noticed they believe what they hear instead of researching where something came from and past history. I'm also disheartened that the media has so much potential to sway voters' opinions and decisions. In spite of that I feel it's important to vote. I also find it appalling to hear what a politician spends to campaign. That money could be better spent creating jobs, funding food banks, etc instead of fancy, slick trash in my mail box. So I make sure to vote.
You're welcome to take a copy of the graphic. Click it to get the full size and copy away.
Tomorrow I hope to have some good farm news!

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  1. I have two cast iron bread pans from Lodge. I used to have a 10" CI skillet and gave it to Amvets. Now, I could kick myself and wish I had it back. I've not thought about checking at Goodwill to see if they have any CI for sale. There is one about 15 minutes from my house. I'll go check that out. Thanks, Shar.