Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If It's Not One Thing....

... it's definitely another! Our used refrigerator didn't make it a year! It CROAKED! It also ran up the electric bill for the last couple months. OUCH! I could have bought a NEW refrigerator for what it ran the bill up. It's one of those home-ownership issues that we deal unhappily with! I have a much newer used refrigerator coming Friday. I've spent a few days researching new and found the "affordable" new ones have a very limited life expectancy. What happened to the refrigerators of the past that lasted 25 or more years? The first new I looked at (Frigadaire) has a year's warranty. The reviews were less than 50% happy and all complained of the noise. One stated their's croaked a month after the warranty expired. I expect a refrigerator to last longer than 13 months! Are these made by children in China? I really shouldn't even "go there"!

The good news is that on our way to town, we got caught on the edge of quite a rain storm. Fortunately as I turned South we drove out of it. We got to town and while in Good Will it hit there. I had expected to see a rainbow but didn't. The sky just looked like it should be a beautiful canvas for one. We drove out of the storm and into sunshine with it still pouring. When we left the store and were returning home, we enjoyed a slightly cooler air but it was very clean and fresh smelling. I haven't noticed the air smelling so nice in some time. I wish I could bottle that! Refreshing and a very nice drive. The scenery is so brown and blah though. To see a Winter wheat field, means it stands right out and looks odd with the surrounding pre-winter look. To me, trees look so much nicer in their Summer green, than their bare Winter nakedness.

I've had a short sit-down and now it's time for chores and milking! It will be dark in an hour! Then I need to return to throwing out refrigerator contents. The chickens are sure enjoying their treats.

My work never ends.

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