Monday, November 15, 2010

Opening Day - 2010 Deer Season

Over the weekend it sounded like a war zone here. For some insane reason people seem to think that they are getting the deer moving by standing around just shooting. Why? They are already moving due to bow season and the time of the year. It coincides with their rut period and the bucks on the move for reproduction. This shooting isn't target practice. There is a rhythm to the shooting when target practicing and I hear that also. The deer are also on the move due to the amount of target practicing which started a couple weeks ago.

The season starts at 7 am and boy did the shooting start up for a bit! My BIL comes out to hunt gun season and we let a neighbor down the road do bow hunting. This helps keep people off our property as we ask these 2 guys to please run them off. There's a hill that goes down to the woods. When people come onto our property from the back they don't know that and have (multiple times) shot and had their shot come up into our yard and it's low. Our house has been shot and thankfully it didn't come inside. I hate standing at the kitchen sink morning or evening due to the risk. We've had some close calls. I had a bullet whiz by my legs when hanging laundry one year and boy did I dance and squeal! I also worry about my goats and horse getting shot.
So I'm doing my annual avoiding the treks to fix fence, etc where I have to go out into the pastures or anywhere near the woods. I avoid being outside close to dark due to the stray shots from over zealous, excited hunters who forget to think. I keep the critters up close.
I also wish the deer (pic above) would stay out of the pasture there as they are right next to the driveway and close to the house! They also come right into the yard.
The herds here in my area are reported to be quite large this year. So I hope being the economy has been really bad and our job loses some of the worst in the nation the last 12 years that the hunters are able to cull a LOT of deer. It's better for the deer over the winter trying to keep fed and means reduced car accidents. High deer numbers are horrible on the farmers' crops as they really do eat a significant amount of them.
Oh, no, I'm not wearing the same orange shirt for 2 weeks! I have several as they sure seem safer to wear out there in the back yard! They were super cheap buys from the GoodWill Last Chance store for $1 each!
I need a countdown banner for the number of days left in deer season! (Only 15 days left after today!)

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