Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 Gifts in My Life! 1-10

I saw on another blog where a gal is doing 1,000 Gifts. I find hers an interesting read! She's fluent and easy to read/follow. She sounds upbeat and down-to-earth. She finds appreciation in things such as I do. So I thought I might try following suit. Only 1,000 seems such a high number to me at this time. I think I'll set a goal for 100 so it's easier to attain. If it goes well for me, then I can extend the goal when I reach 100! Sometimes in life it's a good idea to take shorter steps and keep-it-real, keeping it attainable.

Some of my gifts in life are tangible and often the best are the intangible! You'll read of both!

I hope you'll enjoy reading a periodic post of numbered things I am thankful for. I know I comment (often I hope and think) of being appreciative for everyday and special things in my life.

I'm entering another "trial" in my life in which I KNOW I'll need to keep positive. (More on it later!)

1. My belief and love of God! I'm not one to say a lot, but my religion and beliefs are very important to me. I'm so grateful to be able to enjoy them freely in my life and country. I have many blessings and prayer is a source of comfort and peace in my heart.

2. My family, which is hubby, 3 adult daughters and 1 teen grandson.

3. Integrity, ethics, honesty and morals! These are traits that are important to me and I try to grow with as I am traveling thru my life. Life is so much nicer and more simple when we have such traits. It also makes it a joy to find them in others.

4. My buckskin mare, Summer, who I bred, raised, showed and just plain adore. She's the one of all the horses who have been a part of my life who is "THE ONE".

5. My goats. The enjoyment my goats provide along with the laughs. What comical characters they can be.

6. My chickens and trio of turkeys. Another motley and funny crew! They also give me enjoyment. I love hearing the songs of egg-laying success and the roosters' crows. I love watching the roos who are so busy providing for and tending to their hens. I love watching the mass pandemonium they create when one hens finds a juicy tidbit, a bug or even a blade of grass and thinks she has to run for her life to protect it with all the others hot in pursuit to see what she has and try to snatch it for themselves. Many don't have a clue what the tidbit is or if there really is one! They just run because it's the thing to do at that moment in time. They remind me of how people can sometimes be so caught up in life and be running without knowing what they are truly going to get to.

7. I love my tomato plants, my rhubarb, my zucchini plants, etc in my garden. What wonderful, fresh food with wonderful flavors I'm gifted with. I love the beauty of a well tended garden. I love watching my cherry tomatoes growing and look forward to the first ripe one! I have 3 pots of Sweet 100's in a big pot so I can bring it in during the early frosts. I am hoping I can delay it's production some.

8. I am blessed to have the gift of fresh milk and fresh eggs. We're going thru a period in time where many are against fresh milk and are trying to make it out to be poison. I don't agree. I'm NOT thankful for some things I see happening that are against our rights to have our own fresh foods. This is for my appreciation of the gifts in my life though and that can be another post! I LOVE my fresh quart of milk for breakfast with some SF chocolate syrup. It's just delicious and I savor it immensely.

9. I am blessed with owning several cats. We have Miranda, a Siamese, who is the mother to Fuzzy, Rascal and Itty Bitty Kitty. We have Bobbi, the little Manx girl who has become a grown kitty but we still are caught thinking of her as a kitten. Then there is Barney, who was a stray/drop-off and adopted us. She rarely comes in the house and prefers the barn. She's not a lap cat, but she loves to visit and get her daily attention. She's quite a successful and active hunter even though she gets cat food and milk (when the milk is available). The others are great hunters too. They also come in during the Winter but enjoy their Summers out roughing it.

10. I'm also lucky to be able to have my 4 dogs. I have a pair of Pembrooke Corgis (Murphy & Molly) and a pair of mini Australian Shepherds (Cooper & Candi). I adore them all. They all have different personalities and their own individual traits I love about them.

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