Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mystery

I had to do some fence work yesterday and ambled over by the black berries to check them out. They've been coming on slow and not growing well this year due to the heat and long dry spell. They are gone! No developing berry clusters, NOTHING. They had clusters forming. The only thing I can think of is the deer, turkeys or horses managed to eat the whole cluster with the berries.

Maybe a bear? I've not heard of a bear sighted right here, but know they have been fairly closely North, East and West of us within a few miles or so. Who knows but this happened last year too. I find it odd that the whole clusters are GONE.

I wouldn't think that birds would take the whole cluster. In the past they've only eaten the actual berry and left the cluster.

The goats aren't allowed out that far due to the coyotes and the cougar's biweekly tour through the area.

Ooohhhh a mystery, but a frustrating one, as I was watching those berries again this year and had plans for some jam and nibbling!

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