Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh What A Relief It Is!

I have a new way to spell's C O M P U T E R! I will admit it. I'm ADDICTED to my computer! I LIKE my computer. I ENJOY my computer time, which is a tad excessive due to my disability and not working.
Last night my computer was running sluggishly. I have virus ware, spy/malware and mechanic programs. They all are set for running on a weekly schedule and they do the defrag, etc too. My computer is beyond it's "life expectancy" but it's already had a few new modems and a new hard drive so it SHOULD, IMHO, run a while longer. But, I decided it better get a new back up on my files done! Today's "project".

Then this morning, as my usual start up, I and I was playing the solitare game. It was SLOW going. I was also doing a bit of filing from some pics and such saved the last few days. I'm looking for just the right pics to make a logo/banner for the new food blog so I was perusing that file too.

Then it happened.... I slowed to a stand-still. DEEERRRats! I hate to make that drive to take the computer to the repair shop (30+ mile round trip) and such a waste of time on the road.

I have 3 other computer towers and one is internet ready but the disc drive is out so I can't upgrade to get on line. One is lost and can't find it's op sys but has a fairly new modem. And the 3rd is missing a working modem. Of course I couldn't remember what the situation was with them so had to hook them all up to see what was up. I am hoping that there are good parts that can be used in them to patch together a working computer. Nothing worked on any of them. Weird as the 2 should have cooperated to at least play solitaire!

So, I pondered on it, in spite of the migraine-coming buzz in my head, and decided to start this computer in safe mode and see if there was anything I could do like telling the virus program to see if it's "sick". No luck. I couldn't even shut the window that opened to tell me about safe mode! Again weird.
Then it came to me. Nothing (no computer)was working! so I started from scratch. I got out a new mouse, as I had recently picked up 2 of them on a clearance table CHEAP. I'm like that! Buy those super deals and have them available when needed. I also have a couple other keyboards I'd picked up cheap at the Goodwill Last Chance store for merely 29 cents each. (There good deals to be found at Goodwill at times and I like to "scout them out" now and then.)
Waaaaa Laaaaa! It paid off. I'm not sure if it was the keyboard or the mouse, but one of them was the problem.

The good news is that I didn't run to the computer shop and spend a chunk of $$$ I can't afford. I solved my own problem on my own. I was spared the embarrassment of taking my computer in and paying the fees to run a scan and the labor to be told my mouse died or some such trival thing.

So, yes, I do spell RELIEF as C O M P U T E R!!

And how is your day going?

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