Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mystery Photo

Curiosity killed the cat.... BUT, I don't think I'm in danger of dying from wondering about this photo. So how about we go with....

Inquiring minds want to know... the who, what, where... and anything else pertinent? Makes sense to me, of course!

So, I'm GUESSING South Africa or such. Maybe the desert type areas of Australia? I'm not familiar with what the Southern part of South America would be like. Where would this be?

What are these piles?

Are they livestock feed? If so, how do they keep the stock out of them or do they have good fencing in remote areas such as this? I really don't know but don't recall seeing fenced animals.

Are they fuel for cooking meals? A couple are pretty small and one in the front has a chunk out of it suggesting that parts are used at a time.

What else would or could they be? It's a mystery to me and I've had this pic a few years and wonder and wonder.....

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