Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

We had storms today with heavy winds and it knocked over my new zucchini and summer plants with the tiny little squashes forming. The ground was just saturated and they didn't want helped back up. I hope they can "rise and shine" on their own. I lost my early plants from storms this year so sure hate to lose these now too. They are at the same level of growth. I'm suppose to have tons of zucchini I want to be rid of, aren't I? Not this year!

I picked our first little red, ripe tomato the other day and the rain has mashed the tomato plants too. That tomato was small, but hubby sure enjoyed it! It will be a bit before we have more but that was a fun discovery. It was well hidden until it got ripe enough for the red to show through!

It sure seems like we went from roasting to cooler weather awfully fast, doesn't it? I love these cooler nights for sleeping though!

I was really good at Goodwill this week and only bought 5 cookbooks. They had a LOT of really nice ones but I was spending too much, have so many and the prices had gone up on them. Having restraint isn't as much fun as scouping up a bunch of them! Having restraint does mean that I'm appreciating and enjoying the 5 I got more!

I've been wanting an electric ice cream maker for some time and sure wish I could find one at Goodwill. I finally made up my mind as to what I want so looked at Walmart but they don't have any. I forgot to look at Meijers. I probably should check out the websites and see if they have they there. There's always ebay too.... There's still hope in finding a good deal though! It's just harder to find what I want being I'm looking for one that has to have the "bowl" frozen and not use ice and salt. I also need electric as I can't crank the old one we have any more. That also uses ice and salt. I'm definitely "paying a price" for being so specific in what I want, aren't I?

I hope you all have a good weekend!

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