Saturday, August 13, 2011

Word of the Day

Sometimes I am puzzled over words. My vocabuarly is fairly good and I love learning something new every day. So with the word "lagniappe", and seeing it so often lately, I had to go to and find out if I really knew the real meaning of it. I also wondered if I was pronouncing it correctly! It looks to be of French descent and I'm sure not fluent in French. I tend to give anything not English a Spanish type pronounciation.

That being, I thought I'd give you all the info too just in case you're seeing it on line as I am. Who knows, you also may be wondering about it the same as I have been! So, you're in luck! I have a lagniappe for you!

"LAGNIAPPE (lan‘yəp, lăn-yăp‘) Chiefly Southern Louisiana & Mississippi"

Lagniappe "is a creole word meaning ‘the gift’ or ‘to give more’."

Another place I visited described it as "GLUE". That stands for Giving Little Unexpected Extras. They even have what they call the "Purple Goldfish Strategy". It's described as, "Differential by added value." For the commercial use, it's "Finding signature extras that help you stand out, improve customer experience, reduce attrition and drive positive word of mouth/mouse." Source: Marketing Lagniappe website

So, we all thought as we traveled through life we were just giving some help or something. Now we know were have been giving lagniappes and giving something much bigger. Good for us to be giving and know we have a deeper understanding and a "special" word for it!

I hope you've benefited from this lagniappe and appreciate a little vocabulary "lesson". Nothing like a little word-of-mouse to enlighten your day! (I love that: Word-of-mouse!)

Have a great weekend!

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