Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something New Again

Or should that be titled "Something Returned"? I'm going with new again, because things had changed that we lost it! That, being HD TV was the change and we lost the PBS station, 23. Well, it's BACK and it's AMAZING how excited a couple "old folks" can get over a tv station!

We're out in "the sticks" and just in between the different stations so we get very few stations on "free tv". We don't have the high tech options available. Some folks around here have the satellites but they still have problems with getting stations on paid tv. Cell phones are NOT reliable here. Most of us still have landlines. Some have cells also.

We really do need an antenna but haven't had the money to have one installed. Hubby can no longer do it as he can't be climbing. I'm not sure he'd know what to do once he got there either as there's a glitch from his stroke that causes that.

But, we are now EXCITED to get PBS back on. We get some cooking shows and travel shows. YIPEE! Something new again and a chance to NOT watch the same cooking show from the "muscle men" for the 20th time! Globe Trekker is back in our lives so we get to travel again!

Pathetically exciting, huh?

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