Sunday, December 12, 2010

Analyzing My Writing Style

Interesting! I was reading a digest from a Yahoo Group and a link was provided to analyze one's writing style. Fun!

Of course I had to go visit and check out my style. I used my 2 most recent posts (excluding the Sunday Silence with Bobbi falling asleep in my tote by here by the computer) and got 2 different results. Would I get a different result for each post with a new author? I've not heard of Corey Doctorow but have heard of and read John ? Jack London.

Do you want to give it a try? Go here:

This link will probably be connected with me as it was a link for me to provide to friends below the text box. If you do have some writing analyzed, please post a comment and let us know whose writing style you have!

You'll also see an ad from Amazon that lists some of the books written by the author, whose style you write in. That was really interesting!

I've also added the provided html text to add the 2 results to the column on the right here on my blog.


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