Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Camera

I wish I had money to buy a $400 camera, but I don't. I did find the great buy on a nice camera though so bought it. It was to be delivered between December 6th - 9th and came the 3rd! Wal*Mart did well.

The camera is better than I expected from the write-up too. I'm very pleased! I'm also quite surprised how thin and small it is though! It's actually a bit too small for my aging hands but I'm getting use to it. It's easy to operate too.

I'm quite impressed with the pics it takes. When I open them in psp they show 16% of the actual size. The pics are NICE! It also is able to take pics in the barn and not come out so darned grainy and dim! I'm pleased!

I've given hubby the other camera which he asked, for inspite of it's issues due to his kitty knocking it off the desk and my dropping it. He's enjoying it.

The pics are of the new Fuji (14 mega pixels/5x wide) cam. Isn't that thin? It's not quite as thin as a deck of cards, but it's the same size. Thank heavens for the nicely cushioned case. I'm keeping it in it!

And, no more sitting the camera down on the desk! This kitty definitely thinks those wrist straps are toys so she can swipe, dangle and watch it drop!

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