Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Time!

It's time for the lunar eclipse on the soltice which we haven't had for 456 years! That is a LONG time and some! I never missed it. I never gave it a thought. Is this history? Or "just" science?

It's time for the shortest day of the year! YIPPEEE! I'm so ready to get it over with!

It's time for the longest couple of nights of the year! I still intend to just sleep or toss a lot through them! I don't feel a need to stay awake all night JUST to watch them pass and time to crawl by.

Tomorrow I can officially start counting the days til Spring! I can replace the Winter banner and add a Spring banner below the other 2!
It's time to say "Good Bye Fall"! I can't wait til I can say "Good Bye Winter" even though I'm really pushing it.
Oh well, time to just grin and bear it, bite the bullet and deal with it, cowgirl up, stop watching the clock, and go to bed! Nite all!

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