Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dollar Store Find

I MUCH prefer to use stainless or glass for cheese making, but this just looks so handy for scouping curds out of the pot and into the cheese cloth for draining that I had to buy it. It wll hold about 4 or so cups and is a perfect size for dipping into my 2 pots I use for cheese making. I'm betting it will be handy for scouping out the ricotta curds too!
Too bad the does are now dried up! As soon as those girls are bred they don't think I need to be "bothering" them. They have their own agendas! My agenda.....I'd so love to make some cheese with this and the new kit that came from New England Cheesemaking Supply and Chickens In The Road!
I'll be sharing lots of photos of that as soon as I get a few minutes to make sure I get them loaded in the right order.

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